Pulse – The Ultimate Field Marketing App

Pulse is the ultimate field marketing companion app giving brands the visibility they need to create great consumer experiences in retail

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The Ultimate Field Marketing App

Software to help you plan, activate, measure and evaluate your field marketing activity no matter the scale of your campaigns for greater return and a better consumer experience.

Pulse’s advanced feature set allows for the easy deployment of the four stages required for the ongoing success of any field marketing activities.

Pulse - The Four Steps

Pulse is a software package designed to aid in the creation of consumer experiences that deliver actual results for agencies and brands alike.

We are experts at operating in the field marketing arena, and we’ve poured our years of experience into the creation of the ultimate field marketing companion app. Software designed and created not just to drive your campaigns, data capturing and analytical data but also aid your field team day to day.

The Features

Pulse - Centrally Managed


Centralised store databases, call files and user profiles mean your team can easily organise campaigns and roll them out to your team in the field, this information is accessible on web or on a mobile device.

Use Anytime, Anywhere


With Pulse’s flexible offline / online software, there are no barriers to your data capture activity. Your agents will have access to what they need, be it on web or on a mobile device.

Flexible Data Capture


Define and control custom question sets and deploy them at any level to ensure consistent delivery of high quality data capture activities.

User Centred Design


Our experiences with real agents has led us to the ultimate field marketing companion app. Pulse has been built for intuitive use, speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Pulse Advanced Data Exporting


The analytical data exporting software within Pulse allows you to create bespoke reports to evaluate activity and assess performance.

Pulse - Advanced Analytics


Our analytical data allows you to derive deep insights to better understand the market, inform your strategy and make decisions that drive return on investment.

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